Good friends can bring happiness to one's life.Friendships don't just happend.They have to be built and nurtured.What makes a good friends? Here a some tips that would help in building healty friendships..

Be hOnEsT

Be yourself.Open up & tell ur friends how u feel.When ur friends know ur feelings they will understand ur better.You may think that if u allow ur friends to see ur weaknesses,they will not like you.But it may not be true.You may be surpised to find friends who are willing to help u overcome ur weaknesses.

Be CaRiNg

Its the little acts of caring that keep a friendships going.Do you remember when ur last called ur friends to wish him/her "happy brithday" do you recall the last time u sent a card to wish ur friend good luck?.If u do not,then its time u picked up a card & sent it right away.This small act of yours will streng then ur friendships..

AlLoW fRiEnDs tO Be ThEmSeLvEs

When ur close to ur friends,you begin to appreciate thier strengths & noticed thier weaknesses,for example,ur admire a friend who likes to do charity work.At the same time u noticed that he/she is a "slowcoach" Dont forget ,u too own strengths & weaknesses so u should accept ur friends as themselves..

DoNt KeEpT sCoRe

As friends,do not count the number of times u do things for each other.Ur lend a hand because u really want to help.It is always better to give than to recieve..

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