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life quote Pictures, Images and Photos
I just do what i want. it's not about what people are saying it's about me..If you think ..u'r doing
right do it!!, If you think ..for you own good ..for families do it!!If you think you like this ..&

like that .i like it..!!,If you thimk you want to say what you feel ..say it but be sure..no hurt

feelings..If you want to be honest ..then be honest!!, If you want to tell a lies to hide someone or

something do it.. but it is our conscience who speak..If you want to dance ..dance ..sing then
sing .. If you feel you want show your talent show it..If you want to cook something for ur

families ..do it!! Do what you want to do for good..for son for husband for families then you

will realize and feel you 're doing it out of love..

because it is you..it's me!!!
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